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3 Gotua Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

    We are establishing a worldwide network which will be dedicated to facilitating phage therapy for patients with antibiotic resistant and chronic infections. Our goal is to  ease access to phage therapy while maintaining integrity. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at sales@eptc.ge

Sie haben vor, sich in Georgien mit Bakteriophagen behandeln zu lassen? Sie sind bei uns genau richtig, denn wir als authorisierter Partner des Eliava phage therapy center in Tiflis, bieten Ihnen einen besonderen Komplettservice an: Sie brauchen nur einen Flug zu buchen. So können Sie sich voll auf Ihre Therapie konzentrieren und sich erholen, wir kümmern uns um den Rest. Wir beraten sie Schritt-für-Schritt, wie Sie vorgehen müssen, um Ihre Therapiereise optimal vorzubereiten.


Mijn vader is gered met bacteriofagen, daarom help ik nu graag anderen in het hele proces en zet ik mij in om de bekendheid van bacteriofagen in Nederland te vergroten.

My father is saved by phages, that is why i like to help patients in the whole process to get phages too and to promote the knowledge about phages in The Netherlands


Pranav, the founder of Vitalis Phage Therapy, suffered from a chronic condition called prostatitis, which was caused by antibiotic resistant infections. Antibiotic treatment failed for him, but Phage Therapy helped him fight this debilitating condition. Through Vitalis Phage Therapy and our partnership with Eliava Phage Therapy Center, we want to make phage therapy accessible to people suffering from chronic conditions or antibiotic resistant infections, so that they can treat their conditions and recover their health.