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Superbugs Are Nearly Impossible to Fight. This Last-Resort Medical Treatment Offers Hope


December 18, 2017
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On the evening of Nov. 7, Steffanie Strathdee sent out a cryptic tweet: “#Phage researchers! I am working with a team to get Burkholderia cepacia phages to treat a 25 y old woman with CF whose infection has failed all #antibiotics. We need lytic non-lysogenic phage URGENTLY to find suitable phage matches. Email if you can help!” The message was retweeted nearly 400 times.

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Antoinette Hertsenberg over de bacteriofaag

Na klimaatverandering en massale insectensterfte bestaat nog een groot gevaar voor de wereld waarin wij leven: resistente bacteriën. Door massaal gebruik van antibiotica zijn steeds meer bacteriën juist opgewassen tegen die antibiotica. Oplossing: een bacteriofaag, kortweg faag. Een klein virus dat alleen een specifieke bacterie infecteert. Antoinette Hertsenberg maakte er een uitzending over in het kader van het programma ‘Dokters van morgen’.


Source: https://dewerelddraaitdoor.bnnvara.nl/media/378365

Could gargling a virus that eats bacteria solve the SUPERBUG CRISIS?

As overused antibiotics become less and less effective, a tantalising discovery may revolutionise healthcare

  • Steffanie Strathdee feared the worst when husband Tom Patterson comatosed
  • Husband of 13 years lay in a deep coma, the victim of an aggressive superbug
  • His heart, lungs and major organs were all shutting down with little hope left
  • Apparently miraculous recovery is result of natural phenomenon that could combat growth of antibiotic-resistant infections and also treat sore throats

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Findings of Novel Phage Therapy That Saved Professor’s Life Published

Writing in the September issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, a large and diverse team of researchers has published the full details of the dramatic, experimental and ultimately successful effort to save the life of a patient infected with a multidrug-resistant bacterium. The findings describe a potentially powerful new tool — bacteriophages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacteriophage — for addressing the global spread of microbial pathogens impervious to current antibiotic treatments and standards of care.

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