Eliava Phage Therapy Center

How to apply:

  • The first step in preparing for treatment with bacteriophage is sending of a sample from the infected site for bacterial analysis and phage sensitivity testing. Inquire for more details on how to do this via email: info@eptc.ge
  • Provide a short summary of medical history, preferably written by your physician, other relative medical documents
  • We will review your case with our team of physicians and specialists, and suggest a treatment plan based on the sensitivity testing and medical history.

What diseases can be treated with phage therapy?

  • Skin and soft tissue infections associated with burns, wounds, cellulitis, abscesses, folliculitis, impetigo and pyoderma
  • Bone and joint infections such as bacterial arthritis and osteomyelitis, infected prostheses
  • Eye infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Urinary tract infections associated with prostatitis, urethritis and cystitis
  • Ear, Nose, Throat infections associated with sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, and otitis externa
  • Respiratory infections associated with cystic fibrosis and chronic respiratory diseases
  • Infections of oral cavity, such as gingivitis and stomatitis
  • Gastrointestinal conditions such as bacterial gastroenteritis and bacterial overgrowth syndrome, irritable bowel disorder, gastrointestinal complications of Lyme disease

A transportation swab which contains transportation media also known as an Amies swab is necessary for sending us a clinical sample.

While we prefer to have as much information about each patient as possible before their arrival, our clinical experience has allowed us to develop a system that lets us successfully treat patients beginning with testing on site.

We do however recommend having an initial assessment of your case, every patient is assessed by our medical team on an individual basis and we will make recommendations as to whether phage therapy is appropriate for your case.

No, our physician appointments are scheduled carefully to ensure that each patient has adequate time with their lead doctor and the medical team. Please be sure to contact us for scheduling.

Availability for appointments usually takes between 2 weeks and one month.

  1. Treatment at our clinic – (most effective) – Patients visit the Eliava Phage Therapy Center from around the world to combat antibiotic resistant infections with the Eliava’s unique collection of therapeutic bacteriophages.  Treatment at our clinic under the "complex medical service plan" includes necessary diagnostics from bacteriological analyses to routine blood work, ultrasound, CT, MRI and all medical tests deemed necessary by our medical team, specialist physician consultations including internal medicine, urology, gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, neurology,  ear, nose and throat specialist, dermatology, rehabilitation massage and surgical consultations and treatment with standard bacteriophage preparations and other medicines.
  2. “Distance” treatment with our experienced physicians involved (less, but still effective for some medical conditions), this involves treatment from home country, under the Helsinki Declaration, or the personal importation policy of the FDA (USA). In this case, treatment with our phage medication is performed under the supervision of your doctor. As the medical use of phages is not yet FDA approved, the treatment can be performed only with a written consent of you and your doctor.

We recommend coming to the clinic for 10-14 days, treatment may continue for longer after returning home.

This is determined by phage sensitivity testing, and or after a trial of standard phage preparations. This is decided on an individual basis.

We prefer that our patients be stable enough to travel on an airplane. Patients that require 24 hour oxygen need to provide a letter from their physician confirming their ability to travel

Lyme disease and other intracellular bacterial infections: tuberculosis, chlamydia, other mycobacterial infections, spirochete and rickettsia infections, viral infections,

You can check our rates on our price list

This question is practically impossible to answer because each patients case is very individual, most of our patients have been dealing with chronic infections for many years or even decades. Their cases have a variety of complications or challenges that we approach on an individual basis- so no two are alike.

We have a new feature on our website (link to forum) which allows patients to start an open question and answer forum style

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