Eliava Phage Therapy Center

Short History

The Eliava Institute was established in 1923 by Georgian microbiologist George Eliava and French Canadian scientist Felix D'Herell.  The friendship and scientific interest joined these two people, according to their initial plans, newly established Institute was to be developed into the World Center of Bacteriophage research.

In the former Soviet Union, one of the largest bacterial and phage collections have been gathered at the Eliava Institute. Several effective bacteriophage preparations were elaborated in scientific laboratories and produced commercially by production units of the Institute. The products of the Eliava IBMV have been used for prophylaxis and treatment of human infection diseases throughout the entire Former Soviet Union, in Public health network and in military forces.  The Institute survived a variety of serious challenges following the 1991 break-up of the USSR, and has maintained its focus on phage research and application.

Nowadays G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology is one of the most famous institutes worldwide focused on bacteriophage research and the elaboration of appropriate phage-based products for human and animal protection. 
Research conducted at the Institute is focused on the use of bacteriophages in the following directions:

  • Human therapy and prophylaxis
  • Veterinary
  • Food safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Biodefense

G. Eliava Institute and its spin-off companies:

G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology has developed an effective strategy for sustainable development by establishing the spin-off companies and leading them to success. All these organizations including Eliava Foundation represent Eliava Consortium.

Eliava Foundation:

  • “Eliava International Phage Therapy Center” - is day ambulatory-type clinic using phage therapy in its practice. Phage therapy is a specific approach used by the clinic to treat infectious diseases including those that are caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • “Eliava BioPreparations” - produces highly effective therapeutic and prophylactic bacteriophage preparations. The importance of these preparations is gradually growing in the world because of emergence and spread of multiply drug resistant bacteria that can be suppressed only by bacteriophage preparations.
  • “Eliava Analytical-Diagnostic Center” - accomplishes a great variety of bacteriology, virology and immunology diagnostics. The most important among the others is phage-susceptibility tests that is a specificity of this company ONLY.
  • “Eliava Bacteriological Media Production” - is a company based on high technologies, equipped with modern granted by ISO 9001 standards, which does not have any analogue in the Caucasus Region. The company produces media for bacteriology, virology and cell culture research and diagnostics.
  • “Eliava Management Group” - is a leading member of the Eliava Consortium, its main responsibilities are to manage the relations between the organizations, do the marketing planning and consultations.
  • “Eliava Pharmacy”


The goal of this consortium is to develop wide application of Eliava products and services for human, animal, plant and environment protection, to grow and sustain as an organization by using the existing long-term research experience starting since 1923, and to develop it according to the modern quality and standards requirements.

For now, there are 6 bacteriophage preparations produced under the brand “Eliava”:


  • PYO Bacteriophage
  • FERSISI Bacteriophage
  • STAPHYLOCOCCAL Bacteriophage
  • SES Bacteriophage
  • INTESTI Bacteriophage
  • ENKO Bacteriophage


Moreover, if the patient has a bacterial infection that is resistant to all of the above mentioned preparations, the phage therapy center offers personalized medicine, which means to prepare a specific phage preparation (auto-phage)  for an individual patient.



The Eliava Institute plans to explore the most appropriate organizational development for broader production, application and marketing of biological preparations.