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A virus, fished out of a lake, may have saved a man’s life — and advanced science

Dodge Pond, which sits on the outskirts of East Lyme, Conn., is an ordinary New England lake. It’s home to fish like bluegill and alewife, along with smaller organisms like water fleas, algae, and bacteria. There are viruses in Dodge Pond, too, most of which infect its bacteria. And one of Dodge Pond’s viruses, known as OMKO1, has now earned it a place in medical history.

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Antibiotics crisis: is phage therapy the answer?

It’s been used in the former USSR for a century. Now the West is taking notice

 Bacteriophage – or ‘phage’ for short – is a virus that infects bacteria. These naturally occurring infective agents contaminate bacterium and replicate once within. They are everywhere – including all over our bodies where they outnumber bacteria 10 to one – and are one of the most common entities in the biosphere.

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